California Injury Lawyers Warn about Possibly Contaminated Alcohol Prep Pads

The Food and Drug Administration and California pharmaceutical liability lawyers are once again drawing attention to a recall of alcohol prep pads that was announced last month. The recall involves alcohol prep pads, or swabs, that were included in convenience kits manufactured by Triad Group. The recall was linked to possible contamination of these prep pads with the potentially deadly Bacillus Cerberus organism. This infection can lead to serious, and even life-threatening, infections.

According to Triad Group, the company has received at least one report of an infection that was contracted from using these alcohol prep pads. However, the infection, in this case a skin infection, was not life-threatening.  Watson Pharmaceuticals, the company that announced the recall, has rushed to assure consumers that none of the other products in the convenience kits are contaminated. The convenience kit also contains drugs and injection kits, and these are not contaminated.

This week, the Food and Drug Administration once again reminded consumers about the possible contamination of the non-sterile prep pads. The products have already been removed from the market, but it’s important for people to know that not all pads are safe for use before procedures. For instance, non-sterile pads are not meant to be used before performing procedures that require strict and high degrees of sterility. For example, non-sterile pads are not meant for use before a catheter is inserted. They are also not meant to be used on patients who suffer from a weak immune system. Patients who have just had surgery or have just recovered from a long illness, may have a weakened immune system. These patients may be much more likely to contract infections from contaminated alcohol prep pads.

The products that have been included in this recall are marked with a label that mentions Triad Group. The Food and Drug Administration is insisting that these pads not be used to disinfect and sterilize the skin even before an injection. The FDA also wants consumers to know that the pads should not be used on IV ports and other medical devices and equipment.

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